This is an experiment with playing a rules light version of the new 4E Gamma World on twitter, using ideas from the twittrpg rules created by the ChattyDM.

The twitter format will work like this:

The game has several ’rounds’ per day (See Below)
A scene with the DM posting a series of descriptive tweets and granting each player one action tweet.
Players can discuss the scene among themselves with no limits.
The action tweet covers a variable time frame depending on players.
Players send their Action Tweet to the DM before the appointed deadline of the next round.
The DM adjudicates the results of player actions, responds to some tweets and hands out bonus tweets to some players (Max one bonus Tweet per player).
Players can discuss among themselves.
Players with bonus action tweets send them before the appointed deadline of the next round.
DM describe results and concludes the scene or extends it to the next round.
If scene is extended, DM summarizes event the next day and resets all players’ action tweets
The game’s schedule will be somewhat free flowing based on player’s schedules. The deadline for action tweets will be stated along with the summary tweets from the previous round.


Success is DM-fiat based and is guided on cleverness of Tweets and subjective strength of tweet vs other party members’ action.

If a random event must be generated, a d20 will be rolled with the goal of rolling 10 or more. Possibility to get a +/- 2 bonus/penalty.

DM will reward clever tweets, good use of the 140 character limit, and will focus on a good story and a good time over specific game mechanics.

The system will be a very rules light version of the new 4E Gamma World. For powers, we’ll make note of the flavor text (and possibly a line of clarification where needed), and throw out all the numbers and crunchy bits.

We’ll use the alpha mutation and omega tech deck when we feel like it, if it’s fun.


The exact setting is tbd.

Character Creation

Game is invite only. However you’re welcome to watch twitter tag #gwrpg to follow the action. All game tweets will use this hashtag.

Players will need to send me 10 d20 rolls which I will use to generate basic characters. DM me, email me, or message me here.

Gamma World Twitter Experiment

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