Dr. Tera Blattaria

6' humanoid cockroach with firebug tendencies


Pyrokinetic Cockroach

Wise and Tough

Good at Mechanics and Interaction and Acrobatics
Good with Bio and Psi Powers

Can climb, even upside down across horizontal surfaces, not while attacking.
Resistant to Fire.
Good at dodging.
Creatures next to you get burned.

Eau de Roach
You spit at your target. The spit is a combination of excrement, scent gland fluid, regurgitated blood, and stomach acid. Yep, it’s nasty, and it burns your foe and forces it away from you.

Fiery Flare
You fan the flames of your fiery aura.

Explorer’s Kit
Climber’s Kit
Heavy Flashlight

Alpha Mutation
Sound Imitation (Bio)
Have you ever heard 37 cats scratching a chalkboard at once? Want to?

Omega Tech
Radiation Orbiter (Xi)
This drone continually changes shape as it circles your head like a tiny satellite. It produces a pulse of flesh-shredding radiation at your command.


still working on it.

Dr. Tera Blattaria

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