Billy Jones


Radioactive Mind Coercer

Tough and Charismatic
Good at Science and Interaction and Nature

Extra resisty of effects targeting both body and mind
Resist Radiation
Group telepathy within 50’ while conscious

Radiation Eyes
Your eyes glow cherry red as you loose a jagged bolt of ionizing radiation at your foe.

Mental Push
You give your foe a mental push. Before it knows what’s happening, it attacks it’s ally.

Explorer’s Kit
Tin of Sardines
Baby Car Seat
5 Gallons of Fuel
Draft Horse

Alpha Mutation
Rubbery Skeleton (Bio)
Your bones and flesh become rubbery and stretchable. (Resist damage and increased melee reach)

Omega Tech
The Patch
When you slap this thin metallic disc onto the back of your hand, medicinal nanomachines enter your bloodstream and repair your wounds.


Billy Jones

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